My Fanime 2012 Panels

05 23 2012

Cosplay Photos – Basics
Friday at 7pm

Learn to create better cosplay pictures with the gear you already have! We will discuss techniques for picking a location, posing, choosing the right camera settings, basic post-processing, & other key skills.

Cosplay photo posters will be used to demonstrate these techniques in practice.

Cosplayers & Photographers
Saturday at 10am

Working together, cosplayers and photographers can create amazing photos! Join our panel with Bekalou, Etaru, Foxberry , OscarC, & Yukari Kaiba as we discuss setting up a shoot, common misunderstandings, dos and don’ts during a shoot, model releases & legal issues, and post-shoot etiquette.

The panelists will discuss cosplay photography and photo shoots from both the cosplayer and photographer points of view, with an emphasis on areas where there’s confusion, or where cosplayer/photographer issues often occur. We will discuss the end-to-end process of a photoshoot, from finding a photographer or cosplayer, to tips during shooting, and dealing with post-shoot issues like copyright. The panel will consist of well-known and experienced photographers and cosplayers who will be able use their first-hand experiences to discuss the various issues that come up.



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